About TVPlayer

TVPlayer allows users to stream a number of TV channels from their computer, mobile, tablet and certain smart TVs/dongles.

After a successful test at the end of 2013, TVPlayer went into regular service in 2014 - initially providing access to terrestrial and satellite free-to-air channels. Later, a paid-for option was added, providing access to a number of pay TV channels, including FOX, Discovery, MTV, SyFy and Eurosport.

Unlike other online streaming services, the service is based on legitimate streaming arrangements with broadcasters. TVPlayer also works with ITV Box Office to provide live streams of each event.

You can access TVPlayer in the UK via www.tvplayer.com or via the TVPlayer app on Android (Google Play) and iOS. Selected smart TVs and dongles, such as Roku also contain the TVPlayer app.

Due to restrictions imposed by the BBC, mobile users are directed to the iPlayer app for live streams of BBC channels. Certain channels are only available to registered users.

Channels available on TVPlayer
Devices where TVPlayer is available