Amazon Prime Video: viewing guide

Are you ready to watch Prime Video?

Here's your five step guide:

1. Mind your speed
At least 1Mbps is needed for a basic standard definition picture, from 5Mbps HD is available. In most cases, you device will automatically determine the best quality it can provide based on your connection.

2. Check to see if your TV, streaming stick, games console or set-top-box is compatible

There are many devices that support Prime Video, some already have it pre-installed. In other cases, you'll need to visit the device's app store to download it.

Some older models either don't support live streaming on Prime Video or they don't support Prime Video anymore. Unfortunately, Amazon don't issue a detailed list of each model that's affected, so check the list below as rough and non-exhaustive guide, last updated 01/12/2019.

Streaming sticks, dongles and boxes
Apple TV*
Amazon Fire TV devices*
Roku* (Live streaming not via 2014 or earlier models, except Roku 3),
Virgin Media V6 boxes*,
YouView (BT TV*, TalkTalk TV*)

Smart TVs
Sony* (all post 2015 models, some 2015 or earlier don't support live streaming),
Samsung* (2015 or later, some earlier models no longer support Prime Video)
LG* (2016 or later models, some earlier models don't support Prime Video live streaming or Prime Video altogether)
Sharp* [Amazon says live streaming not available on "some" models, but doesn't provide any further detail.]

Games Consoles
Xbox One*
Xbox 360 [Live streaming not available]

Sony (some 2014 models and newer),
Samsung (some 2014 models and newer),
Panasonic (some 2015 models and newer)
LG (some 2016 models and newer)

Mobile & Tablet
Amazon Fire Tablet*
Android *
Amazon advises that you should check to ensure you have got the latest version of the Prime Video app for live streaming to work.

Watch in your browser via and follow the links through to the Prime Video Premier League coverage.

Supported in the latest versions of the following browsers in SD or HD only:
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera
If you are running an operating system other than Windows or Mac OS, playback is restricted to standard definition.

*Watch in UHD (when content is available in UHD) via devices in this range that support 4K UHD streaming.

3. Have your Amazon Account details ready / sign-up for Amazon
If you already use Amazon, e.g. for shopping, using a Kindle, then you can use the account that you've already got set up. If you already have Amazon Prime (e.g. for the quick delivery option), then Prime Video is already included.

If you are new to Amazon, you are best to sign-up from a laptop, desktop PC, mobile or tablet via the Amazon website.

4. Set up Prime Video
  • Open your device's app store to download and install the Prime Video app if it isn't already pre-installed.
  • Open the Prime Video app.
  • Register your device – select Sign in and Start Watching and enter your Amazon account information. Alternatively select Register on the Amazon website, where you are given a code to enter.

5. Watch
(Kick-off times in brackets) 
Replays of all games available on-demand from midnight into the following day.
On 4th December 2019 and 26th December 2019, a special 'watch every goal' show will be available covering all matches taking place at the same time.

Thursday 26th December 2019
  • Tottenham vs Brighton (12:30 GMT)
  • Bournemouth vs Arsenal (3pm GMT)
  • Aston Villa vs Norwich (3pm GMT)
  • Chelsea vs Southampton (3pm GMT)
  • Crystal Palace vs West Ham (3pm GMT)
  • Everton vs Burnley (3pm GMT)
  • Sheffield Utd vs Watford (3pm GMT)
  • Man Utd vs Newcastle (5:30pm GMT)
  • Leicester vs Liverpool (8pm GMT) UHD

Friday 27th December 2019
  • Wolves vs Man City (7:45pm GMT)  UHD