Channel 5 satellite manual tuning information

Last updated: 16/01/2020

Channel 5 and its family of channels (including Paramount) broadcast free-to-air in standard definition via satellite. They appear on the Sky UK and Freesat channel list.

Here you'll find resources to help you find and tune in these services, including if you have Sky Ireland or a generic free-to-air satellite receiver. All services are broadcast from the Astra 2 satellite system at 28.2 degrees East, the satellite that Sky and Freesat dishes should already be pointing at.

The services are broadcast on a UK spotbeam, meaning that satellite reception beyond the British Isles and near continent may be difficult or impossible.

Sky Ireland users will need to manually tune these channels in via the Other Channels menu, using the parameters, such as the frequencies, polarisation and symbol rates listed below.

All Channel 5 services are found on the following transponder:

Frequency:    10964
Polarisation: Horizontal
Symbol Rate:  22000 (22.0Mbaud)
FEC:          5/6
Mode:         DVB-S, QPSK
(UK spotbeam)

The following Sky channel numbers apply to UK Sky subscribers only. Channel 5 is not listed on the Republic of Ireland Sky EPG.

Channel 5 SD or HD
Service ID: 7701 / 7750

Sky:     channel 105 
Freesat: channel 105 

HD/SD version dependant on satellite receiver. HD version on 105 on all HD receivers.

Channel 5+1
Service ID: 7720

Sky:     channel 205
Freesat: channel 128

Service ID: 7716

Sky:     channel 159 
Freesat: channel 133

Service ID: 7715

Sky:     channel 128
Freesat: channel 131

Service ID: 7717

Sky:     channel 228

Service ID: 7710

Sky:     channel 141 (In Scotland: 169)
Freesat: channel 129

Service ID: 7711

Sky:     channel 241 (In Scotland: 269)
Freesat: channel 130

Service ID: 7760

Sky:     channel 150
Freesat: channel 132

Service ID: 7761

Sky:     channel 250
Freesat: channel N/A

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