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Survey casts doubt on BritBox customer retention
ITV has issued a rebuttal to the research findings mentioned in this article, first published in The Times on Saturday. The full text of this rebuttal has been added to the article on the request of ITV.

Sewing returns to Freeview channel 73
Some of the key information in this article has now been superceded by technial change made to the Freeview service. Due to the volume of hits to this page, it was judged appropriate to add an advisory to the top of the article. (26/2/20)

Freeview Regional Retune Days
The entry for Winter Hill in February 2020 has been amended to 20th February. (27/1/20)

Editorial comment
3rd January 2020
Government restricts use of EU satellite viewing cards after Brexit.
Comment by Daniel Sutton:
This article, first published in October 2019 following a briefing from the IPO on has gathered interest on social media platforms in recent days.

The article does clarify that the new guidance on receiving EU satellite services has been worded by the IPO to make clear it is not intended to affect EU nationals in the UK who receive such services in order to watch TV in their native language.

This is in contrast with some social media comments who have implied the article suggests otherwise.

If you have a comment about this statement, please contact us via the following page: